These awesome examples from YouTube designer Marc Hemeon , I think, show the real power of color more than any study could. How many were you able to guess? All the answers are at the bottom of this post! Which colors trigger which feeling for us? The Logo Company has come up with an amazing breakdown that shows which colors are best for which companies and why. Here are 4 great examples: Clearly, every one of these companies is seeking to trigger a very specific emotion: When we feel compelled to buy something, color can play a major role. Analytics company KISSmetrics created an amazing infographic on the science of how colors affect our purchases.

The History of Online Dating From 1695 to Now

Your love is my drug: How passion sparks the same painkilling pathways as drugs Who says love hurts? New research shows that strong romantic feelings actually ease physical pain via the same neural pathways as powerful drugs.

The Exploratorium – Explore hundreds of science, art, and human perception exhibits along with hands-on science projects, on-line science activities, science news and magazines. This unique museum was founded in by noted physicist and educator Dr. Frank Oppenheimer.

When it comes to post 50 dating, the one big thing they have going for them is that the gender odds are in their favor. But numbers aside, many men who re-enter the dating waters after an hiatus of a long marriage are a little rusty when it comes to wooing and wowing. So along comes a book to help them play the midlife dating game and become the babe magnet of their dreams.

One Man’s Brave Adventure into Dating Again in the 21st Century,” is a humorous look at one man’s dating journey after leaving a year marriage, and is chock full of advice. Here are some of Stone’s favorite tips for middle-aged men hoping to become babe magnets: To be a babe magnet, you must believe you are a babe magnet. Yeah, he’s talking about projecting self-confidence here. We’d add, there’s a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. Practice so that you don’t cross it.


Share via Email Relentlessly discombobulating … Game of Clones. Imagine you could log on to a computer and design them from top to bottom. You can choose their gender, their race, their height, their weight, their eye colour and every single proportion you can possibly think of. Your one true soulmate.

The SCIENCE! https: Compete with a bunch of my YouTube friends to see who wins and who goes home crying! 4. And finally, do it ALL IN ! Every episode of Game Lab comes with an extra video that literally puts you in the middle of the action. The Game Theorists.

Before the scientific era, people often made up imaginative stories to explain what they saw in the world. The scientific method changed that by requiring rigorous experimentation to test hypotheses and determine what is real. With the Theory of Evolution, people are back to making up imaginative stories. The primary advantage of complete metamorphosis is eliminating competition between the young and old.

Larval insects and adult insects occupy very different ecological niches. Whereas caterpillars are busy gorging themselves on leaves, completely disinterested in reproduction, butterflies are flitting from flower to flower in search of nectar and mates. Because larvas and adults do not compete with one another for space or resources, more of each can coexist relative to species in which the young and old live in the same places and eat the same things.

Ultimately, the impetus for many of life’s astounding transformations also explains insect metamorphosis: Nevertheless, “biologists have established a plausible narrative about the origin of insect metamorphosis, which they continue to revise as new information surfaces. In response to this unfavorable situation, some pro-nymphs gained a new talent: If such pro-nymphs emerged from their eggs before they reached the nymphal stage, they would have been able to continue feeding themselves in the outside world.

Over the generations, these infant insects may have remained in a protracted pro-nymphal stage for longer and longer periods of time, growing wormier all the while and specializing in diets that differed from those of their adult selves–consuming fruits and leaves, rather than nectar or other smaller insects. Eventually these prepubescent pro-nymphs became full-fledged larvae that resembled modern caterpillars.

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Science for Kids Composition of the Earth It may seem like the Earth is made up of one big solid rock, but it’s really made up of a number of parts. Some of them constantly moving! You can think of the Earth as being made up of a number of layers, sort of like an onion. These layers get more and more dense the closer to the center of the earth you get. See the picture below to see the four main layers of the earth:

The Science Behind Colors In Marketing Turns out, something as simple as tweaking the color of a button changes user behavior or endears people to your product.

Share 36 shares ‘Almost every time we get together with family or friends, the conversation ends up being about food,’ Chen said. Chen and former YouTube engineering lead Vijay Karunamurthy hope to create a ‘cookalong’ format allowing people to watch, and interact with chefs. In an early video, one host who needed to substitute an ingredient at the last second turned to viewers to make suggestions. But the most-watched clip in the world this year, excluding music videos, is a dance routine performed by Heaven King and her troupe, which has been viewed over million times.

The most-watched clip in the world this year, excluding music videos, is a dance performed by Heaven King and her dance troupe, which has been viewed over million times. The video is shown above The video shows four-year-old Heaven bust some slick moves to Silento’s ‘Watch Me’ and drive a toy convertible through New York City. The carefully-choreographed clip was more popular a commercial starring Liam Neeson, called Clash of the Clans: Revenge shown during the Super Bowl, which notched up over 83 million views.

By comparison, the most popular official music video watched on YouTube last year, notched up 1.

Mitch Moffit’s Boyfriend CRIES as He’s Evicted from Big Brother

The following was sent, by me, in response to a newspaper article, written sometime ago, about this genre. First of all, I would like to point out that, many people confuse science fiction with science fantasy. Admittedly there is a very fine line between the two, which is not easy to define, and that is why you will see both literature’s occupying the same shelf at a bookshop or library.

Science Opinion The Guardian view Columnists Letters the dating show of your creepiest dreams There’s a speed dating round, and quizzes, and tasks so tenuously related to romance that.

Retrieved 24 August Steve Mirsky reports Nothing is more fulfilling than being in a successful love relationship. Web sites related to this episode include www. YouTube Video posted June 11, says they have been together for “seven and a half years”. As revealed in a behind-the-scenes video, Mitchell voices and composes the background music for the videos, while Greg is the primary illustrator.

Maybe we don’t have to anymore A friend once science of dating youtube me how, as a child visiting a zoo, his eyes focused on one of the many monkeys in an enclosed exhibit. Combing through your social network is the most fruitful—and most common—way of finding the love of your life Every Issue.

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By Amy-Mae Turner More video content is uploaded to YouTube in a 60 day period than the three major U. The average YouTube user spends between 15 and 25 minutes a day on the site, but how much do we know about the world’s largest video sharing website? Do you know what the most watched YouTube clip is? Can you name all three founders?

Dating How chemistry decides the success of a first date You have spent weeks trawling through monotonous profiles and blurry selfies to finally find someone who shares your love of travel, Proust.

They last met on the island of Kauai when Reeves was When Reeves was 15, he worked as a production assistant on Aaron’s films. She subsequently married her fourth husband, a hairdresser named Jack Bond. The marriage ended in Grandparents and nannies babysat Reeves and his sisters, and Reeves grew up primarily in the Yorkville neighbourhood of Toronto. He later dropped out and did not obtain a high school diploma. He obtained a green card through his American stepfather and moved to Los Angeles three years later.

Shortly after the movie’s release, Reeves drove to Los Angeles in his Volvo. His stepfather had convinced Erwin Stoff in advance to be Reeves’s manager and agent. Stoff has remained Reeves’s manager, and has co-produced many of his films. The same year he had a breakout role in the movie Parenthood. From , Reeves played bass guitar in the grunge band Dogstar.

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Commentary Culture Old-fashioned dating behaviors we sort of miss Never gonna fall for modern love. But every now and then, we long for the quaint ways we used to date before Google and smartphones. These days, you can see your crush’s face in real time on the other side of the globe via FaceTime. You can flick through thousands of photos to pick your next date on Tinder.

Did you hear the news? Science approves of porn! How many dating sites can Dan Savage, America’s only advice columnist, answers your sex questions on the Internets. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call

Share this article Share YouTube viewer figures are doubly valuable to channel owners since it is also the primary way in which the site works out how to share its advertising revenue with partners. The Daily Dot reported how many of the channels affected – which also include ones belonging to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Beyonce, among others – had also had many videos deleted.

Universal, which previously had dozens of clips on its YouTube channel, has had its offering slashed to just five – none of which are music videos or last more than about a minute and a half. Sony’s page was also left practically bare following the cull, with just three videos left. YouTube The mass takedowns came the same day that hundreds of the site’s users flooded forums to complain they had suffered a series of video deletions for violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

Many speculated they fallen victim to a technical error, but YouTube replied to confirm that the users had been sanctioned for violating TOS item 4, Section H, which bans artificially inflating view counts. According to the Daily Dot, the apparent crackdown last week was widely discussed on the Black Hat World forum, where visitors exchange advice on unethical search engine optimisation tactics. In one thread on the forum, where YouTube included a link to the site’s policy on ‘viewcount gaming , the first post spoke of a ‘friend’ who ‘sells likes’ who had been told by four different customers that their videos were deleted due to violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

The bigger they come: This graph shows how Universal Music Group lost more than a billion page views in a single day when YouTube carried out its audit on view numbers This graph tracks the loss in views suffered by Sony BMG:

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