All the typing on this board is not going to change one thing other than possibly gaining a better understanding of what is happening and what is likely to happen in the future. BearDown You are right about nobody mattering here. Irish Sweetness What the fuck does that mean??? Bear Instincts The same way we evaluate player talent is the same way we need to evaluate coaching talent. Same thing need to happen to the coaching staff. Is this coaching staff committed to winning? Does this coaching staff have the passion necessary to coach this team? Has this coaching staff checked out? Yes it has checked out.

Green Bay Packers dating website open for business

The Broncos lead 30—22 as of the end of the season, including a 4—1 playoff record against New England. New England Patriots[ edit ] Further information: The Patriots lead 51—29 as of the end of the season, including a 4—1 playoff record against Indianapolis. The nature of this rivalry is somewhat ironic because while the Colts and Patriots were AFC East division rivals from — dating back to the Colts’ time in Baltimore , their intensified enmity wasn’t prevalent until Indianapolis was moved into the newly formed AFC South following the season as part of the NFL’s realignment.

From the first game of the rivalry’s renewal a 38—34 Patriots victory highlighted by a last-second goalline stand the rivalry has been bitterly close:

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Does he have a girlfriend? The Green Bay Packers most eligible bachelor appears to be currently off the market. Aaron Rodgers is no different. That is why the rumors started circulating this summer about his possible love interest of late. Julie Henderson is no stranger to dating someone in the public eye with romantic ties to Def Jam founder Russell Simmons.

NFL quarterbacks are no stranger to models. The bottom line is success on the field kind of breeds success off the field. Will it translate into something more on the field? Probably not or it will be just coincidence. The only correlation in situations like these is usually negative. Or it seems to work out that way.

No player has ever won a football game and immediately thanked his wife or girlfriend.

Sons write open letter instead of obit for Packers fan dad

Curran November 06, Jason said after the game that, realizing Rodgers was calling for enhanced protection against the blitz the Patriots were showing meant he should have backed off on the third-and-6 play. Jason initially thought the pressure would get there but when he brought players in closer to the formation, it was a sign he knew what was coming and that the blitz might not get there. But after the play, Devin said he believed it was his mistake.

Joe Flacco dealing with hip injury, could Lamar Jackson get his first start soon?

And this weekend, football fans were all privy to that exact emotion when a woman shamed her ex on national television. Scroll down for video Scene-stealer: Annie Wagner’s sign centre stood out from the others at the Christmas night game in Green Bay, Wisconsin The spurned woman, dressed in Packers gear, stood out because her homemade sign had nothing to do with football. Her sign had a much clearer message: She clearly was not in the Christmas spirit, even though her team was victorious at Sunday’s home game at the Packer’s Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Forgiveness was not on the list of options when she made that sign National news: The NBC cameraman spotted her sign in the crowded stadium After attracting the eye of the NBC cameraman, which aired the game as a part of Sunday Night Football, her pointed message was broadcast to television sets across the country. While she clearly intended to shame her ex, she clearly chose not to go for the truly low blow of naming him on the poster for all the world to judge.

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Crosby — wearing a teal bracelet on his wrist few noticed during the game — powered the ball inside the left upright to seal the victory. Brittany laughs when recalling the moment. The barks and yelps cleared the fog of chemotherapy for an instant, a brief reprieve from the most challenging month of her life. It was a good day — maybe the best day — among many trying episodes.

The Fan Community Nicknames trope as used in popular culture. Many fanbases on TV have their own nicknames. Some are generated by themselves, some from .

Is that a good or bad thing for Monday nights game? Interesting question, not sure if the advantage goes to either. Both know how the other guy thinks, but they’re both with different teams, so they don’t have any added insight into the other guy’s personnel. Do you think the multiple losses in the scouting department over the years have played a part in the multiple miss-fires in both the draft and free agency in recent years?

That hurts, that’s a lot of experienced guys who have proven good at their jobs as they’ve moved up the ladder. But they got their opportunities in GB when others left, so replacing personnel guys is just like replacing players. All I can tell you definitively is that Thompson’s last few drafts weren’t nearly as good as his first few. It’s not talent tho they could use some pass rush , it’s not injuries, it’s not the defense, it’s not Crosby, it’s not the officiating.

The heart of the problem is the persistent refusal of Rodgers and McCarthy to establish a rhythm on offense, which is what they need more than anything right now. The opposing defense usually – maybe always – gives you something to work with, and they just won’t leverage those openings. Instead, AR holds the ball too long, trying vainly to do what he at his best would do – going for the long strikes. But he’s not at his best, yet. So we own it, and adjust.

Why not use them, as a first read occasionally, to help move the chains, and force the defense to open something else up?

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In the first quarter, Bronco quarterback Jay Cutler opened the scoring with a 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tony Scheffler. On the first play of the ensuing series Brett Favre completed a yard touchdown to rookie wide receiver James Jones. In the second quarter, rookie kicker Mason Crosby converted a yard field goal, followed by a yard field goal, and the Packers took a 13—7 lead into halftime.

Tennis Backhand Two-Handed Backhand. If someone were to ask me which professional player had the best Two-Handed Backhand of all time, the first player to come to mind would be Andre Agassi.

He spoke at his office on Monday morning during a break between patients, looking down at his hands, clasping and unclasping them. As Rodgers tries to lead the Packers to their eighth consecutive victory and their second N. Asked if his brother Jordan would be at the game on Sunday, Rodgers replied: He stays in touch with Craig Rigsbee, a Chico resident and the athletic director at Butte College, a community college about 25 miles outside town.

Rigsbee coached the football team when Rodgers played at Butte for one season before he moved onto Division I football at the University of California, Berkeley. Rigsbee said he last saw Rodgers in July when he watched him play in a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif. After Rodgers led Green Bay past the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl six years ago, the river of celebrity rose so high, so fast, it threatened to suffocate Rodgers, said Rigsbee, who backed away, lest he get pulled into its current.

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Packers Fans Reality Show: ‘Cheeseheads’ Comes to TBS (VIDEO)

Comment With Kevin King set to miss time with a groin injury, at least the Green Bay Packers have guys who can step up while their number one corner gets healthy. Last week, King exited the game during the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings and never returned. The Packers defense was unable to mitigate the likes of Kirk Cousins who finished with yards and four touchdowns.

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Look, with a healthy Rodgers for 16 games, that almost guarantees nine or 10 wins unless they lose just about everybody else to injuries. One great draft could make a huge difference — the most recent example of that is Lattimore with New Orleans. If Gutekunst doesn’t pick a guy like that, then a couple real contributors would be the next-best thing. But, as you suggest, the hard part is hitting on those picks. Takes both skill and luck. One of the things that excites me about the upcoming season is the role of Ty Montgomery.

It’s easy to forget that when he first became injured last year, the Packers were leaning on him pretty heavily, giving him a ton of reps. This year, with the emergence of Williams and Jones, he doesn’t need to carry the whole load as a traditional RB and can potentially be used much more creatively. I do wonder though about playing him as a running back, which McCarthy said will remain his primary position.

Now, if they use him 10 or 15 snaps a game and motion him out for most of them, that’s one thing. But we’ve learned this about Montgomery the last two years: While he can to some degree do real running back stuff, like run between the tackles and in the red zone, he’s not a real running back.

Danica Patrick: Aaron Rodgers has made me “the biggest Packers fan”

Any good Packers fan would be offended by both of those things. Anyway, all I know is that I’ll be using the name ’50 shades of Clay. Dating website for Packers fans actually exists You’re supposed to mislead them into thinking you’re someone taller, richer packers better looking.

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Rodgers erased a 20 point deficit on one leg! The emotional roller-coaster for the green and gold faithful can not be summed up in words. One had to truly feel it. The game took more twists and turns than the resurrection of the Roseanne show! Aaron Rodgers went down early in the game, with what appeared to be a serious knee injury. It felt like an injury that could cost the franchise their entire season in week one.

Mack took the ball away from Kizer and later returned a Kizer interception for a touchdown. Kizer had some really nice throws, but apparently, forgot he had legs. Rodgers meanwhile, spent a good amount of time under the medical tent before he was carted to the locker room. He seemed visibly upset on the cart, while running his hands through his hair. The Packers season was over before a complete half of football could be played. Then, the miraculous happened.

Green Bay Packers fans are the ‘best fans,’ poll finds

The ad featured a male Packers fan and a male Vikings fan reaching into the same bowl of chips at the same time, and after a brief pause, passionately kissing and dry humping each other, much to the surprise of the other man present. The advertisement was initially put on a waiting list before the network outright rejected it due to it violating CBS’s broadcast standards and because CBS believed ManCrunch’s did not have sufficient credit ability to pay for the ad.

ManCrunch accused CBS of discrimination saying, “If the ad showed a man and woman kissing it would have been accepted. Bartlett wrote the report rejecting the ad, and shortly after sending the report, Avid Life Media published a press release, including her name, phone number and the confidential report, all of which led to her being branded “a homophobe” online.

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Some people try to avoid the number 13, but Packer fans don’t mind.

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