Then how did so many wind up in my Quilt Cabin? That could be a rather long story. How about we go with the short version. As I was moving quilts about the cabin recently, I suddenly realized I had so many SBS quilts that I could no longer ignore the fact that I must have been unconsciously collecting them. Most are rather eccentric and roughly made though. The photo below says it all. However, there are a few very nicely made examples as well.


Reproduction size To what size should we reproduce the dress? The original dress is pretty tiny, so reproducing it in the same size would mean that very few would be able to try it on, which would defeat the purpose of this project. In fact, some costume historians have argued that the reason so many historic clothing objects in museums are so small is not because people were so significantly smaller then, but rather that such small pieces were too small for their owners, and they survived because they weren’t worn.

Remember, the goal of this project is “to provide for the construction of new reproduction garments to fit a wider range of sizes. While smaller sized participants can still try on larger garments, larger sized participants cannot so easily try on something that is too small. We want our garment to fit a wider range, and in fact we chose a style that could be attractive on a larger figure, but also would look fine whether it fits well or is a bit oversized.

Welcome to the Quilt Index Wiki page on fabric dating references. If you have information about books on dating fabrics, or general information on dating fabric materials, patterns and prints, or colors and dyes, please consider adding your information to the Wiki.

Churn dash quilt Sawteeth quilt I do believe that Margaret was a quilter like her 4X great-granddaughter. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see one of those quilts! Or even a picture of one of those quilts. Portion of Inventory of Margaret’s Estate Being a fabric-loving person, it struck me that the next-best thing I could do was to attempt to recreate, if not all 8 entire quilts, at least several of the blocks, a sort of do-it-yourself heirloom project.

Trips to the local public library and online searches have enabled me to find patterns for most of these blocks and given me a crash course in quilt and fabric history. Prints would have included squiggles, teardrops and bubble shapes, plaids, ombres, leafy and floral designs. My hand-pieced Saw Teeth Block Most of the blocks in her quilts are geometric blocks, using squares, rectangles and triangles.

Margaret would have measured and cut her pieces using a simple ruler and scissors – none of the fancy rotary cutters and special measuring grids available to today’s quilters. Although not included in the list of Margaret’s quilts, the log cabin quilt was popular at the time. The basic block usually starts with a red square at the centre symbolizing the fire in the hearth of the home.

Selecting the Appropriate Fabric for Your Doll’s Dress

I find even the most beautifully made dress very distracting when the material used is obviously wrong. It takes my attention away from the doll itself. Even better news for those of us interested in Izannah type doll making is that reproduction Civil War era quilts are very big with quilters right now, so there are a lot of different fabrics to choose from.

When looking at reproduction fabrics, remember you can always pick fabrics from an earlier time period than your doll, as people saved and re-worked the fabric from used garments. Locate a shop in your area that sells quilting fabrics and supplies.

Eileen Jahnke Trestain was raised in a small town outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has always spent much of her time in art and craft pursuits. At the age of 10, her grandmother introduced her to quilting, which began a lifelong interest/5(50).

The simplest definition of a quilt is two layers of fabric with padding between, and stitching through all three layers. More recently and with stronger evidence, quilting seems to have arisen in Europe centuries ago. Cultures across the globe have long histories of quilting. Quilted garments were used for warmth and for armor. Only later were quilts used to line walls as insulation, or used as bed coverings.

The peripheries of quilting history include so much more. Visual inspiration comes at all turns, from the most technically perfect pieces to those created with a freer hand.

Dating Fabrics

Sharing a range of textiles Textile Treasures March 1, A most generous reader, Ranger Elaine, has sent me some wonderful treasures from her collection. The star of the show is this tiny silk-covered accordion book with quilt scraps in it. Elaine thinks it came from Rhinecliff, New York. In , a museum appraiser dated it to —

A wonderful book for dating fabrics. Spiral binding and small size make it ideal for taking with you if necessary. Book is divided roughly by decades with history of the period, fabric textiles, fabric colors, and quilting trends followed by a sample of fabric swatches organized by color/5.

Tales from the collection at The Alice T. He, in turn, had five sons who all went on to have quite remarkable lives of their own. Shortly after his arrival in London at the age of thirteen, he was apprenticed to a local pharmacist, John Salter, and by the time he was nineteen he had opened his own drugstore. Two years later, he married Sarah Agnes Robinson daughter of the minister who had performed the wedding of Bertha Saunders and Richard Patton the year before , and they had six children: William Saunders was a good businessman, but he was also interested in the science of pharmaceuticals.

His interest in the medicinal properties of plants led him into the study of botany and then to entomology. In the garden of the Saunders home in London, he established an extensive orchard where he studied plant diseases caused by insects. In , William purchased six acres of land outside the city where he continued his work in entomology and fruit and flower hybridization. These orchards were also early laboratories for the Saunders children, where they received their first lessons in natural history by helping their father with his work.

Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Friends of the Central Experimental Farm By the mid s, both William Edwin and Henry had qualified as pharmacists and were able to take over many aspects of the family business.

Dating Fabrics Color Guide 195

A Word About Dating Antique Fabrics Since we were not present at the mill when the fabrics were made, and since few of them are printed with a date, we can only make educated guesses about the vintage of antique and vintage fabrics. There are many clues we use to date fabrics – two important reference books are Clues in the Calico by Barbara Brackman, and Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide by Eileen Trestain.

As they emphasize, they are only guides, often using dated quilts and other items whose vintage is known to gauge the earliest appearance of a particular fabric; often, however, the same patterns were produced over a long period of time. Sometimes we can find a vintage fabric in an old mail-order catalog – having a few of those from each decade provides another great source of reference. Other clues available to us include the width between selvedges, color and style, and the feel or “hand” of a fabric.

You’ll be able to identify fabric dating from the pre era through the Second World War. Match your antique fabric by selecting a suspected time period and comparing colors and prints. Dating Fabrics: A Color Guide, Eileen Jahnke Trestain. America Quilter’s Society, Eileen Jahnke Trestain Snippet view – /5(2).

Yes, little 4 poster doll beds were made. Dolls too, were seen as miniature adults. Early 19th Century Quilts It will come as a surprise to many people that quilts were rarely made during Colonial times. Quilt making was not common until many years later when production of fabrics in American factories relieved women from the tasks of spinning and made fabric more affordable.

In addition the quilts that were made looked far different than the pieced quilts we imagine. In fact very few quilts were made with pieced blocks before Typically quilts in the years after the American Revolutionary War were made in the medallion style. What is a Medallion Quilt? Medallion quilts have a large central area. The center was surrounded by two or more borders. Occasional borders were plain but usually pieced or appliqued borders were included.

Some exquisite medallion quilts had several borders each one unique.

Eileen Trestain

My adventures in Quilting and Gardening Quilt Buyer Beware For those of you who like to buy quilts at on-line auctions I thought I would give a bit of advice. There are many quilts out there that are reproduction quilts. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction quilt as long as the buyer knows that is what they are buying.

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I’m an avid textile geek. I adore old fabric and have several running feet of antique quilt tops and quilts stored in a walk-in-closet just off my office. In fact, one set of quilt blocks in particular played a role in my beginning the story that became my first novel back in It was only natural for me to imagine my heroine stitching those blocks together … and only natural for me to wonder why she never finished them. Those bits of cloth led me to take a class in dating quilts … and another class … and, eventually, a class in appraising quilts … and then another … and so it goes.

Why, for example, did his woman cut up what appears to be a devotional book to make these hexagons? And I love “meeting” frugal women who pieced bits together to get a larger bit for patchwork. If you look carefully, you can see where the seam is on the triangle in the center. I keep thinking I should try it. Since my books are usually set in the 19th Century on the Great Plains, I can reference quilts as bedding, room dividers, front doors and more … and I can use quilting bees as natural settings for conversation and competition among women.

The book Dating Fabrics, A color guide by Eileen Jahnke Trestain includes color plates of popular fabric divided by era: Pre , , , , and so on up through The more I learn about antique quilts and textiles, the more I want to know.

Dating fabrics eileen jahnke trestain. What has the author Eileen Jahnke Trestain written

History In this nostalgia-packed celebration of fabric design during its riotous mid-century years, over striking full-color photographs accompanied by a lively text and detailed captions document the bold new patterns and unprecedented color combinations that had taken over American home decor. After the war, designs based on science and fantasy proliferated, and no home was complete without boomerang-patterned drapes at the windows or a cowboy-print couch in the den. Organized by pattern type into ten chapters, Fabulous Read More In this nostalgia-packed celebration of fabric design during its riotous mid-century years, over striking full-color photographs accompanied by a lively text and detailed captions document the bold new patterns and unprecedented color combinations that had taken over American home decor.

Organized by pattern type into ten chapters, Fabulous Fabrics also covers the floral prints and Hollywood inspired satins of the 30s and the vivid tropical and nautical designs of the 40s. Today, these fabrics are hot collector’s items appreciated for their kitschy optimism and their bright evocation of a more innocent era.

Eileen Trestain has filled a void for those who are interested in dating antique quilts and fabrics. Fabrics from through the s are documented and shown in full color in this easy to use spiral bound reference,which includes excellent commentary on specific quilting periods and styles and a comprehensive s: 6.

The proof is in your family photo albums. What they wore reflected when those teens lived, their economic status, and their knowledge of fashion. A family photograph tells you many things such as what your ancestors looked like and who took their picture. However, some details are left to your imagination. Those gorgeous heritage photos show family dressed in their everyday clothes or Sunday best, but those black and white images seem incomplete.

There are ways for you to understand the clothing trends followed by your relatives and get a feel for the past.

Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s: And Other Terrific Textiles of the 20s, 30s and 40s

Its more particular focus is on the prints usually cotton used in quilting. The year span is divided into year sections each about 30 pages long ; for each era, there are general notes on the period, an explanation of the contemporary color and printing technologies, and notes the popular quilt styles. Most importantly, each section contains several pages of fabric examples. Each page has 12 samples, in uniform 1.

Aug 15,  · Trestain has written an amazing fabric guide based on color. This reference book belongs in the personal collection of anyone interested in dating quilts and clothing. Unfortunately, it is only available in paperback now/5.

Steaming and Mounting the Dress How can we work with this dress without causing it further damage? Today I had the assistance of the lovely Miss Lydia Palmiotti, a Poughkeepsie area high school student who has offered to volunteer on this project. The first thing I asked Lydia to do was to steam the dress. I am hoping that a little steam will help to refresh the fibers of the dress and reduce their brittle nature.

With the dress laid out on the table, she carefully inched the steam over the entire dress, working in rows up and down, then over. It is tricky to use the steamer with something flat on the table, as it is designed to work with a hanging garment. She had to keep a careful eye out for condensation on the head of the steamer, and wipe any drips onto a clean white towel before they landed on the garment.

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Eileen Trestain Dating fabrics eileen jahnke trestain. What has the author Eileen Jahnke Trestain written Most sellers will say they are unsure of the age and list them as vintage. Eileen Roberts has written:

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Tim Holtz Vintage Ad Fabric! (his “Eclectic Elements” fabrics)